Welcome to Stoney Lake Vizslas

Jennifer Bennett

I started Stoney Lake Vizslas in 2016. I think I like dogs more than people but at least people give me room on the couch. (ha!)

Stoney Lake Vizslas

I’m proud of what Stoney Lake Vizslas has become in just a few years. Our dogs have done well in the show ring, the bird field and most importantly found wonderful forever homes. I try to breed our dogs for a soft gentle temperament and still be amazing.

Bonneterre Ripblaz Copper FDJ NAVHDA NA Pz I

‘Our’ first vizsla was Copper. My son, Daniel fell in love with vizslas and decided he wanted to buy one from a nearby breeder and friend, Ray Rowan of Bonneterre Vizslas. So he worked all summer one year to earn the money to purchase ‘Copper.’ With Ray’s help, Daniel and Copper discovered the exhilarating world of bird hunting with a vizsla.

Can GrCh Mywish Stellar

And then, of course, my daughter wanted a vizsla too! ‘Stella’ was destined for confimation.

Then Ava was my first dog. It became a family affair and Stoney Lake Vizslas was born.

Can GrChBronze Stoney Lake Chillin Charlie CGN

Our Charlie has excelled as Show Dog! Multiple Group Placements. And the first Vizsla to earn his Grand Champion Bronze. Charlie is also an emotional support dog for geriatrics.

St. Patricks Day in Stoney Lake

Each year we help fund the local St. Patricks Day and also show up with the whole crew including the dogs.

A great weekend

Erie Shores Kennel Club: Jessica with Millie, Nick with Charlie and I was showing Stoney.

Stoney Lake

Stoney Lake has become a great place to raise vizslas and children…